The 1994 Tribune

About the 1994 Tribune

We spend an unhealthy time on the internet and we decided to do something about it. Actually, we decided to do something because of it. We created a fun and not-entirely-devoid-of worth place where people can unwind, kill some time on this weird place we called the web, and hopefully learn something interesting at the same time.

Song of the Week

The Beastie Boys
Press play!
Pause when yer done!

It's easy to make the argument that the Beastie Boys were already past their prime in 1994. That said, Sabotage might be the closest thing to perfect that can reside somewhere in the rap/rock genre that is typically done so poorly.

Maybe, it’s the subversive lyrics. Maybe, it’s the punk rock attitude that the Beastie Boy's brought to everything they touched for 20 years. But for our money there is no song that will get you as ready for mayhem as the Beastie Boy’s Sabotage.

The Internet is coming. It's going to rule your face!

Are you and your family ready?

Fantastic Four
Beavis and Butthead just got Becky's dad's Netflix password.

Are you sick of real life? Ready for something new? Escape reality and connect with a billion other people staring at their computer monitors all across the world. It's 1994, here comes the web.

There is nothing you can do. We must all succumb. Your business, your friends, your kids: none of them will ever be the same. You cannot unsee the things you will see on the World Wide Web. But—within the pages of this digest we will teach you to be an internet warrior, a true nerd (this is a good thing). We will give you the knowledge and the skills to make best use of this crazy new medium. We will help make your things go viral (also a good thing) without being basic (a bad thing).

Here is an article from December, 1994 to get you acquainted with the "online" world. It's about how wacky the internet is with its emails, chat rooms, newsgroups, and links. Subscribe to this, the 1994 Tribune, and we will help keep you up-to-date with the best of the web, from advice on building better things, to assistance on marketing a better brand.

Maybe by 2015 so many people will use the internet that we won't even get our news from newspapers. We won't make shady calls at payphones. And we can finally get rid of our pagers. Maybe one day we can just straight wear the internet. Probably not though, right?

Who knows, the world wide web might end up being the thing that changes everything, that gives everyone a voice. The possibilities are endless. And with all of the strange, beautiful, weirdness that is sure to emerge, you might need someone to guide you, to point you in the right direction. You might need someone to help you build the right things. And you might need someone to help you find the space where everything comes together and magic happens. Hopefully by 2015 we can be those people. Welcome to 1994.